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About us

YELLOW FUTURE is an international project focused on current and post-war support in selected locations in war-affected Ukraine. Thanks to the donations of our supporters, we can implement a whole range of concrete assistance to the civilian population.

We realize that we cannot help everywhere, but thanks to you we can help effectively according to specific needs. We buy new windows, modular houses, food parcels, construction machinery, vehicles, school equipment – in short, everything that is currently needed.

Our help is targeted, clear and transparent.

Supported areas

We know that it is not in our power to help everyone. Thanks to our contacts, we can effectively help and build in the following areas: Hostomel and Kocjubynske, Bučský district, Kyiv region.

What are we currently selecting for?

We currently have the following programs open:

Construction machinery and equipment

Construction machinery and various tools are needed during restoration. Help us get Ukraine back on its feet!


We are working with Czech window manufacturers on the first large delivery. Without windows, it is not possible to ensure acceptable housing and heat in damaged houses. We now have dimensions for a total of 1,500 windows.

Food packages

It’s not grandma’s food, but we can still promise it will put a smile on someone’s face. The first 3,000 doses are already on their way, thanks to the Czech manufacturer SCHINDLER FOOD s.r.o . Help us buy more!

Means of transport

We collect financing for means of transport – older cars that have taken you on vacation many times will still be useful. They can save lives or help with recovery.

School supplies

Every crayon counts and doesn’t have to be yellow. We collect funds for all colors, textbooks and other school equipment.

Modular houses

Temporary housing that temporarily solves the difficult situation of thousands of people.

Helping soldiers on the front line

We cooperate with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Direct support where it matters most. Missing on the front line: tactical helmets, bulletproof vests, gun holsters, first aid kits, tactical backpack, rugged field laptop


Project Yellow Future starts!

Project Yellow Future starts!

We would like to announce that we are launching a new project called YellowFuture. We are proud to contribute a small drop of hope to war-torn areas and help rebuild the country and bring life back to normal. What do we want to focus on? Above all, these are post-war...

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